I Wish I Was In Finland t-shirt

I won one of these from the Finnish Tourist Board. :)

The Finnish Tourist Board’s aptly named I Wish I Was In Finland Facebook Page has been holding competitions to garner feedback for its online magazine at Visitfinland.com. All one needs to do is to have a good look (and review) of the site, and provide feedback to the Board via the pink button on the left side of website’s pages, in order to stand a change to win one of these t-shirts.

Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. I love Finland, so I was pretty confident I could say something useful (besides I am into web design). I told them that the bite-sized articles were a great way to keep the information easy to digest, the photos were amazing, and they really nailed one of the key traits of a good website – revisit value. And, just to be additionally helpful, I asked for more features on Jean Sibelius, of course!

The promotion is still going on at their Facebook page – so if you love Finland and have always wanted to go there, give it a shot! Here are the various designs – I honestly wished I could get the swan version (and actually I asked for it when I received an email on my win. Politely. No obligations.) but since these goodies are not for sale, I think getting any is a great privilege in itself, and what a gift from the people of Finland!

The four designs for the not-for-sale I Wish I Was in Finland t-shirt, from the Finnish Tourist Board. (Photos from Facebook.com/visitfinland/. Click for larger image).
The black versions are arguably even cooler!