dark forests

Wide-spread they stand, the Northland’s dusky forests,
Ancient, mysterious, brooding savage dreams;
Within them dwells the Forest’s mighty god,
And wood-sprites in the gloom weave magic secrets.

– Preface to published score

On the occasion of Earth Day, April 22, 1999.

A bassoonist friend of mine had the fortune to play Tapiola once. It was a run-through conducted for fun, not meant for the orchestra to perform. When I asked him how it was like, he opened his eyes wide and said it was awesome and terrifying; that the sensation of sitting in the orchestra as it weaves its way through the tone painting of the forests made one feel very small. During rests, no one dared to move or make a sound. Continue reading Tapiola

The Bard – An Inktroduction

Time came when winter touched his locks
And age paled his cheeks;
And so once more he took his lyre
And plucked sonorous chords – and died
Rendering up his soul to the spirit from which it came…

J.L. RUNEBERG (1804 – 77)

OF ALL the pieces of music by Sibelius which have touched me, The Bard is probably the most… poignant. Although many are familiar with the monumental creations comprising the symphonies, and respect and love them as I do, The Bard seems to remain perched aside, distant in its high precipice, quietly existing without the fame of its seven great brothers. Continue reading The Bard – An Inktroduction