Sibelius: Piano Music Vol.2 (Gimse/Naxos)

Even though it was never a medium he was comfortable with, it doesn’t have to mean the music Sibelius wrote for solo piano cannot be enjoyed.

This second volume in Naxos’ survey of Sibelius’ piano music begins with the lovely collection of Six Finnish Folk-Songs and Ten Bagatelles. The former consist of tiny tiny pieces, as short as 55 seconds, none longer than two minutes – all quiet and melancholy ([1] My beloved), or tranquil and utterly sweet ([6] Wedding memories), warmly and evocatively played by Gimse here, with much grace and natural flow, such that all six seem to flow into each other without a break (which might have been the intention). When one thinks of images of Sibelius in his old age, or perhaps when one thinks of some untouched, quiet spot of nature, this music speaks volumes. Continue reading Sibelius: Piano Music Vol.2 (Gimse/Naxos)