I live in Singapore, on the other side of the planet relative to places like the US, UK or Finland. I’m readily findable online, though I might be a tad slow in responding due to work/family/thinking too long about my next post. My apologies in advance should you experience any delay trying to contact me!

Email: dustofhue (at) gmail (dot) com

Twitter: @dustofhue
I usually tweet a new link to my latest blog post, and the occasional Sibelius or music-related tweet.
I honestly do not feel I have the time to properly maintain a Facebook page for Sibelius. I created one as an experiment but wasn’t running it – well, until Feb 2013 when people began following. So I am endeavouring to keep it interesting. Am also a little aghast that there are no Sibelius fanpages otherwise. 

Sibelius Forum (
My username is inksibnut at the Sibelius forum.
I made a couple of Sibelius music videos during rare fits of such inspiration

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