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The Inkpot Sibelius Nutcase at Ainola

Permanent Ink
The work I did at The Flying Inkpot in the years 1997-2002 has always haunted me. It has literally connected me to musicians and fellow enthusiasts all over the world, landed me interviews and jobs, and got me quoted on various essays, write-ups and yes, even wikipedia.

But since leaving the role of editor at the Inkpot, my articles – while they continue to be googled and read, are showing signs of wear-and-tear. A little outdated, CDs going out of print or reissued in a new guise, typographical ???s and layout dents caused by incompatibility with modern browsers, and worst, spambots and their trash.

One of the most interesting things I have come to realize is that since  I stopped writing, the entire webscape of online publishing has been transformed by the blog platform and technology. Online publishing today is a much more sophisticated – but actually easier – activity than it was in the the late 1990s. Having said that, the Inkpot, back in the late 1990s, was still a site which experimented early with a quintessentially Web 2.0 concept, the comments. The site enabled, even if imperfectly, readers to write comments to articles. This concept fully matured with blog technology, and is commonplace today.

It was time for me to jump on the blog bandwagon.

The Inktention
The intention of this blog is to:

  1. Republish, revive and update my old publications from the Inkpot.
  2. Chiefly, to continue championing the man, the life and the music of Jean Sibelius. (And in the process claim the name of the  Inkpot Sibelius Nutcase, my pseudonym in this mission back then).
  3. To publish new writings since 2002.
  4. To offer my services in copywriting for music.
  5. To use this blog to, perhaps, help me achieve another lifelong goal – to visit Finland, home of Sibelius, hopefully by the year 2015.

Note that many of my articles have also been republished with my blessings at www.flyinginkpot.com, which is run by my then Inkpot comrade, Derek Lim.

Welcome to The Dust of Hue, home to Leon Chia (a.k.a. CHIA Han-Leon), who was also the World-Premiere Recording of The Inkpot Sibelius Nutcase.


What does “dust of hue” mean?


A Note on Images: I try my best to use copyright free, Creative Commons images. Sometimes I use images whose copyright status is unknown, or are copyrighted but there are no alternatives (eg. artist images). Please be assured that it is not my intention to make money out of these usage. Although I have rates for copywriting, they do not include any use of images I do not own. The images are used on this blog purely to further the cause of promoting the music of Jean Sibelius.  Should any party object to the use of any image, please contact me at dustofhue at gmail and I will immediately take it down, no questions asked. If I have offended any IP owner, presently or even in the past at The Flying Inkpot, I profusely apologize and seek your understanding. Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Leon, good page and congrats for a major accomplishment with inkpot. Have been looking for you. Please contact me at e-mail: lots about Sibelius, etc.

    Anthony Guneratne

    PPS. Have you seen the movie The Red Violin?

  2. Hello Leon, Since you kindly sent me this fantastic blog, I’ve been wallowing in all the information that I’ve gleaned.I thought I knew a little about Finland’s greatest composer but you’re in a different league altogether, indeed I’m learning anew by the second.
    I wish you well & look forward to our first meet-up in Lahti around September 5th next.
    My very best wishes, John. (KCII)!

  3. You flatter me, John – there is so much that I have to catch up on, and still so much to learn about Sibelius. The next step is to meet you all in Lahti – see you soon!

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